A Moment With Annika Zobel Agerled

Gentofte, Denmark

Photographer: Laura Short

31-year old Annika Zobel Agerled, mom to Alban (3) and Noam (1) and co-founder of Akua Objects, on living a playful, colourful life with kids – and mixing old and new to add depth to their home.

Annika playing on the floor with son Noam. A Palma Basket is used to store toys when they are not in use.

I would describe our home as

colourful and playful. While my husband Karl and I are both aesthetics, our home is very much catered for the needs of our kids. Which I actually enjoy! Here, you'll find markers, kids' drawings and toys all mixed in with our art, collectibles and furniture.

I enjoy contrast, and I always try to make old and new work together. Working with contrast adds a depth to our home, and somehow, it also shows our life story: All the things we've collected over the years alongside all the kids' drawings and new items we have purchased after becoming parents – everything adds a tiny piece to our story together as a family.

I am currently inspired by

the French glass artist Maurice Marinot and the book “Fresh Water for Flowers” by Valérie Perrin.

On the weekends, we enjoy

getting outside and being in nature. We always try to do something that is suitable for the season we’re in. Now, for fall, we might go pick mushrooms, paint rocks or make little chestnut animals.

Decorating a children's room

should be a little magical, I think. And take into account the needs and wishes from the child so that they feel safe in the room.

Once that has been taken care of, I always look for practical storage basket for all their toys and stuff and magical night lights. A little hiding spot is always a good idea, too.

A peek into the living room, where the Olive Vase from Akua Objects takes centerstage on the wooden table.

The hallway with the original, round window.

"I love contrast, and always try to mix old and new. It adds depth to our home, and also tells a tale of our life story – together, before and after having children, and even from before we met."

— Annika Agerled

Art prints, oil paintings and textile art pieces are placed together on this wall.

Annika & Noam in the living room.