A Moment With Camilla Karstad

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer: Laura Short

Camilla Karstad on an exciting trip with four kids to Seoul, South Korea, and calm weekends back home in Denmark in their summer house.

Camilla Karstad is married to chef Mikkel Karstad, and together, they host pop-up dinners all over the world. Next one up is in Seoul, Korea, and this time they have brought their four children. Follow along here for more.

I am currently very occupied with

our trip to South Korea, taking place as this interview is being published.

My husband, Mikkel Karstad, is a chef, and he has been invited to make a pop-up dinner at a restaurant called Wildduck & Canteen, located in Seoul.

Once the dinner is done, we'll be traveling and exploring South Korea with our four kids and our son's girlfriend, who is joining us on this special trip.

At home, a family activity we all enjoy is

going to our summer house. Here, we'll spend as much time outdoors as we possibly can. It may be hard to get all four kids up there at the same time; however, when it happens there's something to do for everyone.

We spend our time outside cooking dinner over fire, swim in the sea, walk through the forest and search for edible mushrooms. And much more.

We dream of

traveling with our kids as much as we possibly can. We are exploring Seoul and South Korea right now, but we would also love to travel to and through South America.

My best tips for decorating

a kid's room is to make it welcoming and cosy, and to make it a place where they want to hang out alone and with their friends.

There also has to be space for their personal interests and a place to be creative and to do their work.

My favourite cup of tea

is the one I enjoy in the morning with my husband after we've been out for a swim. We'll sip on a delicious tea made with nothing but mint leaves grown in our garden and boiling water.

"We dream of exploring the world with our kids. Through traveling and through food."

— Camilla Karstad

Camilla's youngest son, Viggo, has a calm yet personal room. On the table sits markers and the Duck Lamp that gives a warm light in the corner.

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