At Home With Anna Milsted

We are welcomed into the apartment of Anna Milsted, who lives in the family-friendly neighbourhood of Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The apartment is surrounded by green parks and cafés, and inside we are met with a sense of calm whites mixed with carefully selected vintage finds – and Barbara's, Anna's daughter, little giggles.

Here lives Anna, her husband Nikolaj and their 2-year-old daughter Barbara. 

Interview and pictures by Laura Short.

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Anna, thank you for inviting us in. How would you describe yourself? 

I am Anna, a caring individual with a lot of empathy for others, which luckily I have found an outlet for through my work as a social worker.

Family and friends are very important to me. My husband Nikolaj, a hairdresser at Henri, and my daughter Barbara are a huge part of my life, and I enjoy spending as much time with them as I can. We spend time here in our apartment or go to one of the many playgrounds in the area, and on Saturdays, when Nikolaj is working, Barbara and I have breakfast at my mum's place – she lives just around the corner from us. 

Did you have dreams about being a mother? What it would entail? Visions of you and your family perhaps? 

I've always known that I wanted to become a mother. But funnily enough I never thought much about the specific details. I knew that I wanted to have af child with Nikolaj, and I did push him for quite some time. He finally gave in, haha! 

Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I was really mostly thinking about giving birth. My birth also ended up taking 3 days in total, and it was a tough experience for me. Luckily, it all ended well and we got lost in that bubble of love everyone talks about afterwards. That time just after birth was so special.  

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What is your favourite object in your home?

My favourite object is a lithograph of a herd of wild horses that hangs in our bedroom. Almost everyone in my family has a print from that series. The motive is so beautiful, and the fact that we all own one, gives it a very special meaning to me.

What is your most extravagant piece?

We got married in September last year, and we received so many lovely wedding gifts. A little group of close friends gave us the elegant vase from Tage Andersen. And our dear friend Kristina Lula made us one of her beautiful hemp vessels. 


What is on your wishlist for your home?

A new kitchen! For some time now I have been dreaming about making a big kitchen-dining area. 

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What is your most recent home purchase?

Our Wegner couch. We've been looking for the perfect couch for so long and it was so difficult to find one that we liked. Then one day, while putting Barbara down for her nap, I was scrolling on the DBA app. And there it was. I called Nikolaj and told him to go pick it up right away otherwise someone else might buy it. So he hurried off, and came back home with this beautiful couch and luckily it was a perfect fit in our living room! 

Your best interior shops?

I can't say. Most of our things and furniture are vintage, and I’ve found almost everything on I also enjoy going to flea markets and thrift stores to find small treasures.

How do you see yourself in ten years?

10 years is such a long time! Hmm.. I do my best to live in the moment and to have as few expectations as possible, because life is full of surprises. Having said that, I hope to evolve professionally and have more of an outlet for my creativity in my work. I would also like to have one more child in some years. That would be lovely. 

Lastly, what is always in your fridge? 

You'll always find Barbaras favourites; oat milk, butter and blueberries! And also a bottle or two of natural wine. 

Thank you, Anna!

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