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Bea Fagerholt
Mom to Frank (17 months)


Please tell us about yourself? What’s your story? What do you do?

“My name is Bea, I am 30 years old and live in Copenhagen in an area called Østerbro. We, my boyfriend Taus and our son, Frank, who’s 17 months old, live in an apartment that we bought from my grandmother and then restored. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for the past 15 years as a contributing writer at several magazines, lately at Eurowoman, and also as a model. I’m currently working on a new, exciting project together with Liv Winther.” 

Let’s talk interior design. What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?

“I care a lot about the things I surround myself with, and I enjoy to continuously change and explore how we live. I can spend hours on Pinterest, getting inspired by functional and beautiful interior designs. I often move things around at home, especially if I feel that our home needs a new vibe.”

How would you describe your interior style?

“I’d say it’s a mix of things from my childhood home, e.g. our Mogens Korch shelving system that I grew up with, combined with some of our colourful textiles and art. I enjoy a minimalistic setup, but I also want our home to look and feel cosy – I want it to be place where people feel relaxed.”

How has becoming parents changed the look of your apartment, if at all?

“We have a small room next to kitchen that we have turned into a little playroom. It’s where we keep some of Frank’s toys and he also has a little play kitchen there. I’ve added some basket to our living room to store the toys he likes to play with in there – they look great, and it’s so easy to clean up when the day is done. I just throw everything in there, and that’s it. I also park his ride on car in the same place every day – I like that things are in their place, and that we don’t have toys all over the apartment. Apart from that.. I don’t think we have changed that much. We still have our two white couches, our marble side table with sharp edges and low-hanging paintings. It’s never been a problem for us, so we’ve kept most things as they were before we became parents.”

How did you decorate Frank’s room? Where did you find inspiration?

“I loved decorating Frank’s room!

Immediately, I knew that I wanted to add a wall-to-wall carpet. It’s nice and soft and great for playing on the floor, and it’s also great acoustically. I also decided to hang wallpaper on one of the walls, and chose a beautiful jungle-themed piece from Tapet Cafeen that adds warmth and colour. Finally, we had a vintage cabinet restored – it was given to us by my grandmother and needed a new life – and we decided to paint it in a lovely mint green on the outside, and yellow on the inside. This, too, was placed in Frank’s room.

I’d say the carpet, the wallpaper and the cabinet were the three main elements in the making of Frank’s room. The base so to speak, and we then added things from there.

We chose the Caravan Crib in yellow that fits in beautifully. We’ll transform it to a toddler bed, when he’s ready to climb in and out by himself. And next up is the purchase of a small table-and-chair-set so that he can sit and draw and play at his own table. I’m also still looking for the right pendant light to fit into his room.”


The wallpaper on the wall adding colour and warmth 



The Caravan Crib in yellow, and bed bumper in the color ‘Milk’. Liberty duvet covers from Liberty by Lyngholm.



Little shirts on little hangers. Bonpoint is one of Bea’s favourite kids clothing brands.

The foldable, stackable Storage Box for toys.




Animals heads and art on the wall next to and above the Caravan Crib 



What do you pay attention to, when buying things for Frank?

“Generally, I care a lot about the quality of the things I buy. We’ve inherited most of Frank’s toys, or they’ve been given to him, so we haven’t bought that many toys on our own. Honestly, I’d also much rather buy furniture and decor for his room, so that has worked out well. When buying clothes, I always pick out a few, high quality pieces for him.”


Details from Frank’s room 



Any 3 things in particular you’d recommend new parents to buy?

“A baby nest; I loved the one from Konges Sløjd. It’s wonderful to always have your baby by your side whether you’re eating, sitting on the couch or hanging out in the kitchen. This particular one also fit the baby bed perfectly, which we had by our bed during the first six months of Frank’s life.

A beautiful duvet cover. Babies sleep so much in the beginning, all wrapped up in their duvets – so a pretty cover (or two!) is nice to have. I buy mine at Liberty by Lyngholm.
Finally, a sleep mask for mom. The sleep you get better be quality sleep!”



Frank, just a few days old, sleeping in his baby nest 


What has been your best purchase for Frank?

“At first, I was very into the look of our stroller, and I loved the fact that we found one that had special details. But, while moving to New York City during the last 6 months of my maternity leave, my idea of a stroller changed, and I quickly learned that the look of a stroller isn’t everything. While in NYC, we chose to buy a Bugaboo stroller, and that completely changed everything in terms of how easy it was to get around with a baby. My best advice to new parents is to spend money on a functional, high quality stroller. It’s the one thing you’ll spend most time with – besides your baby!”

What is your favorite place in your home?  

“I love our mornings when Frank has just woken up, and we carry him in to our bed. We all like to wake up there together, before starting the day. I also really enjoy cooking, while Frank is playing in his little kitchen next to me. And then our bathroom; Frank loves the tub.”

What are your dreams for your family?

“It has been an amazing experience for me to become Frank’s mother, and to have him teach me to live in the moment. So much that I almost want to say that I don’t have dreams, because I am so much in the present with him and Taus. We would, of course, like to have more children at some point, but for now, we are enjoying life as a family of 3.”

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