At Home With Ellen Dixdotter

Neutral colours, wooden furniture, and a laid back, bohemian style: Come inside the Copenhagen home of Swedish Ellen Dixdotter, CEO of By Malene Birger and co-founder of Cappelen Dimyr.

Please tell us about yourself and your family? 

I’m a Swede living in Copenhagen together with my family – my husband Jacob, who is an interior architect, and our two kids, Ava and August.

Tell us about your home, and how you’ve designed your place?
We have two homes, and one is our apartment in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen; the other is an old farmhouse in Österlen, Sweden. We have tried to create a very slow and bohemian countryside vibe in the farmhouse, and a more contemporary and eclectic feeling in Copenhagen. But for me, regardless of style, it is always important to create a great portion of "hygge"; a home need to feels like a home.


Anything in your home you’d never get rid of?
I love our antique, big round wooden dining table. Wining and dining in a circle is always best!

What does a perfect Sunday look like in your home?
On weekends I’m always the first in the queue at Hart Bakery to get my hands on their delicious sesame bread and cardamom buns; nothing beats that for Sunday breakfast. Then the morning continues in a slow pace: We drink coffee, read the newspaper and just hang around not doing much. After that, we go on the mandatory stroll to Frederiksberg Have to have more coffee to-go, and for the kids to burn off some of their energy on the playground. The day usually ends up with us having my sisters and their families over for an early Sunday dinner.

What’s your favourite things to do with your kids?
Going to the swimming pool beats anything, if you ask Ava. That and to drink chocolate milkshakes at Frankies. I just love seeing my kids enjoy the little things in life, so on a day off I just join in on the ride. It is pure happiness for me to sit on a bench, with a coffee in my hand, whilst watching them run around on the playground.

How do you balance family life and having your own company?
I am actually not sure if I do! But what I can say, is that it is all about team work; at home and with the people you are working with. To have and set clear goals and split tasks. But of course it is challenging. Some days it feels impossible, but then you just need to have the right crew around you to find the energy. I am lucky enough to have the best of teams, both at By Malene Birger and at Cappelen Dimyr.

What are your top 5 local places to go with your kids?
Frederiksbergs Have, Frankies Pizza, Frederiksberg Svømmehal, Copenhagen Zoo, and Granola for brunch.

What interests you these days?
New tech-solutions to make everyday easier – and to make homemade pasta. My best friend Sofia Wood creates the most beautiful cook books, I am a slave to them!

When are you most creative?
Early in the morning with a strong coffee in my hand.

Who or what inspires you?
My friends and colleagues. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by the coolest women on earth!


Thank you so much, Ellen! Follow her on Instagram here.
Interior mages by Ellen and portrait by Luka Roné

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