At home with Mette Thorsgaard

Mette Thorsgaard

Mom to Olga (2)

Styling Trine Nørgaard, photography Marie Louise Munkegaard.


Hi Mette! Please tell us about yourself and your family?

“My name is Mette Thorsgaard. I am 34 years old, and I work as a freelance hairstylist in the fashion industry. My boyfriend’s name is Mads, and he is also 34 and works as a physiotherapist. Together, we have our wonderful daughter Olga, who is 2 years old – soon to be 3.

We live in an apartment in Frederiksberg C. We moved here 2 years ago and love it.”  

Tell us about your home, and how you’ve designed your place?

“We bought the apartment about 2 years ago, and have been renovating it for the past year or so. Surprisingly, we’ve been agreeing on almost everything from decorating to what furniture and lights to buy – but we both have had to admit that it does take time to find the right tings, so we still have some empty walls etc.

My home means so much to me. With all my days away traveling with work, I really need a base – a home – where I feel good and can relax completely. Our home is mine and my family’s “safe place”.

Out of all the rooms, I mostly enjoy our kitchen. It’s the most beautiful room in our entire apartment, and still has original details such as panelling and high ceilings. We’ve placed a long, spacious table in here, and this is where we get together to eat, play, draw and cook. And there’s space enough for everyone.”

In the living room: Repose AMS blanket, square and round pillows, teddy and storage box all from Bonton, and a striped Apple Pillow from Oeuf NYC.



A Combelle Kid’s Chair is placed in the kitchen, which Olga uses to reach the kitchen table. In the back, the Palma Storage Box is used to store toys. On top sits the Oeuf NYC Taxi Pillow.



Olga loves to draw. She’s drawing with the Nathalie Lété oil pastels and on the table is the Mushroom Lamp in yellow.













Anything in your home you’d never get rid off?

“All of Olga’s creative things; I’m keeping those forever. Her drawings and other things say so much about where she is in her development – and how fast time is flying by. I love to look at drawings and see how they evolve over time, and I am so impressed and amazed at those little, creative hands.”

What does a perfect Sunday look like in your home?

““Pancakes!” That’s what Olga shouts from her bed when she wakes up on the weekend. So that’s typically how we begin our Sunday.

Sunday is special day in our family. It’s a day reserved for family time, all three of us, and we love to do things together, both indoors and outdoors. I love our Sundays, and wish they would last forever.”

What’s your favourite things to do with Olga?

“Our ‘Olga & mom’ days. We have a few of these; days off, just her and I. On these days, we go to the zoo, find a playground, take a nap together, do creative things, go for a walk, and much more. It’s a huge priority for me to take days off with Olga when I’m not traveling. To be able to do this is one of the best benefits about being your own boss.”

How do you balance family life and having your own company?

“It’s really hard to balance being a mom and having your own company, but I’ve found a way that works for all three of us. It’s all about priorities, but also about support and understanding, particularly from Mads. He’s always been there for me, and has always supported me. He’s the best dad and my rock. I feel so thankful.

I love what I do, but my job does not come anywhere close to how much my family means to me.“

What are your top 5 local places to go with Olga?

Børnemuseet: A creative universe for kids and people young at heart.
Prik: The loveliest little toys shop.
Zoologisk Have: A wonderful place to go and look at animals, and they have a great playground, too!
Frederiksberg Have: The nearby green park; great for long walks and play.
Frederiksberg Bibliotek: We love to read, and go here and find new books for the weekend.
I also have to mention the prettiest kids store, Limonade, also close to our home.”



Fox Rug in front of Olga’s bed, and a Bonton star-printed paper bag next to the bed. Also in here: the Rainbow and Bunny Cushion, and the Bonton duvet cover in pink. Foldable Storage Boxes are used for toys storage on the floor and in the window sill.

The Bunny Lamp in purple adds
a warm, soft light to Olga’s room.
Pink junior duvet cover from Bonton (will be online soon!), Bunny Cushionstar-printed paper bagsuitcase from Nathalie Lété, and strawberry poster from MADO.



What interests you these days?

“I’m very in to Yin yoga, quietness and inner balance. I’ve become so aware of how important me-time is. As a mom and a business owner, it’s easy for me to neglect my own needs. I usually take care of everyone else and sometimes forget myself, and I can’t do that anymore: My body and my mind need care and love, and it feels so good to prioritise that.”

When are you most creative?

“I’m most creative when I’m in balance, work-wise and family-wise. When I feel energised and refueled. I have a pretty big need to create and be creative – and it’s something that I bring to work every single day.”

Who or what inspires you?

“My parents. They are something very special. They’ve taught me the most important things in life. They’ve also gone through thick and thin, and still love each other, hug each other and kiss – after 42 years together. I am very much inspired by that. Long live love!”

And finally… What’s your tips for all of us who want healthy, beautiful hair, but don’t know where to start?

“Take the time to do something good for yourself. And hair is really not that time-consuming. Choose well. All you need is a few good quality hair products and a good brush. I use a brush from Mason Pearson, also because it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. That in itself helps to give you healthy, shiny hair. “

A Vintage Kaare Klint table and chair set is placed in the living room, and is Olga's own little place. Here she loves to draw and play.
Enfance hair shampoo, Dr. Bronner unscented body soap, Mason Pearson brushes for Olga and Mette, and a few hair accessories.


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Thank you, Mette & Olga!

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