At Home with Stine Grønvall Deleuran

A chat with Stine, mom of two, about choosing the right changing table, which baby essentials are needed – and how to turn the pratical changing table into a lovely, little nook

Hi Stine! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

“Yes, sure! My name is Stine, and I am 33. I have two kids, Nord of 5 years and Alice, who is 5 months. My husband Nis is 32 and we live in Copenhagen. I have a Master of Arts degree from the University of Copenhagen with a major in English and a minor in Danish, and I work as an e-commerce coordinator for Aiayu. Nis works as a college professor. We are a close-knit family and real homebodies, who love hanging out with each other. I can honestly say that these three are my best friends. ” 

Baby Alice was born 5 months ago, and you needed a new changing table. How did you make your decision on which table to buy?

“We were looking for a simple, yet functional and aesthetic piece that easily would integrate into our bedroom – and found the Alice changing table from Combelle to be exactly that. It also has a wonderful name ;-)

I love the color scale, and the little practical wheels underneath, that make it easy to move the table when cleaning.

The height is also important so that it’s as easy as possible to change diapers – babies spend lots of time at the changing table, and therefore so do we. The Combelle changing table has a great height for both me and my husband.”

The Combelle ‘Alice’ changing table in color taupe, placed in the bedroom. Little pieces of toys, lotion and other essentials are placed on the lower shelf and above the changing table.

How have you styled the changing table and the area around it?

“I have tried to make it cosy for Alice by keeping all her little toys close, making each changing session a playful and happy one (apart from those nighttime sessions – they are a bit more rushed).

We have added some art from MADO that she loves to look at, as well as a few of the classic air balloon mobiles. Looking at them swinging back and forth keeps her occupied while we change her diaper. 


A little piece by MADO hangs above the changing table, giving something for both baby and parents to look at.



Little Alice on the Alice changing table. 


Which baby essentials do you always keep close at hand?

“I have quite a few things that I keep within reach, as they are used each and every day. Here goes:

Muslin cloths. Lots and lots of muslin cloths for all purposes. The Bonton ones are excellent for this purpose – they have a great size and only get softer with each wash.

A soft brush that I use to brush Alice’s hair – she has so much of it! – but also for gently massaging her little feet and chunky legs and belly. She loves it. 

Diapers of course. Always keep lots of diapers close. You don’t want to be looking for them, once baby is on the table with a dirty one!

The Mommy and Me balm from Rudolph Care. Seriously a lifesaver when you need to prevent or treat diaper rashes.

Toys! Alice loves the star rattle from Bonton, as well as the soft knitted teddy bear from Main Sauvage. She can spend hours looking and talking gibberish at those things.

Hand sanitizer. A quick and easy solution when you’re in a hurry. 

Baby clothes. I keep a selection of her stockings, knits and baby suits at the changing table, so we always have a new outfit ready for her in case a change is needed.

A nice hand cream to keep those hard-working hands soft after each wash. It’s a tough job when you change what feels like a hundred diapers a day. I use a hand lotion from Aesop, and have for many years now.”

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Thank you, Stine!





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