Eline's Room, 9 years old

Styling: Studio Mini
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

This journal is sponsored by Creativ Company.

Creativ Company is a Danish craft business dedicated to making creativity accessible to all. Through their diverse range of craft supplies, they inspire children and adults alike to explore their creativity through play and creation. They are notably recognised for their 'Creativity in a Box' concept: An all-in-one solution that simplifies the creative process and allows for greater tranquillity and immersion as a family.

Charlottenlund, Denmark

Eline's room is a calm space, where colours are kept subtle yet fresh and happy to match the life of a vibrant, young girl, who loves to read, listen to music, be creative and hang out with her girlfriends.

Her room is a space where clever storage solutions are key to keeping the space looking tidy. In addition, a custom built bed and shelves in the little nooks add depth to the room, and ensure that every little inch is put to good use. These little nooks also work as surprising elements, and add personality as Eline fills them with her creations.

In here, a sense of calm is the foundation to let Eline's creativity flow.

Eline's wooden bed is custom made to fit this particular corner of the room. For a similar simple, wooden bed, look here. Two mattresses, a duvet and a bed cover add a touch of softness to the otherwise clean lines from the bed.

Behind the bed is a shelf with a lamp and some of Eline's creations. On the door hangs a Liberty pouch, and foldable boxes are used for storage underneath the bed.

Some of Eline's homemade creations are on display on the top shelf. Here is a cake collection made from the Cake Box from Creativ Company. Eline's handmade collection is ever-changing, as new objects are added quite often and other creations are given away as presents.

Various hair clips are kept on a little plate on the lower shelf – find an alternative plate here – and vintage Japanese kokeshi dolls brought home from a trip to Kyoto.

Eline is learning to crochet, and is currently working on a bag that she wants to bring to Italy this summer. On the bed lies a crocheted bucket hat, made by following the recipe in the 'Crochet Box' from Creativ Company.

The window sill is also in use as a desk. This is where Eline does her homework and produces some of her objects.

A large Mushroom Lamp adds a pop of colour, and little dolls add charm. On the chair hangs a crocheted bucket hat from Creativ Company.

The little nook is one of Eline's favourite places in her room. This is where she reads, crochets or watches a movie or a show on her iPad.

The shelf underneath is used to store everything from hair clips to yarn, paper and glue. Eline uses a mix of suitcases and old shoes boxes, which have been covered with Italian wrapping paper, to keep things tidy.

A soft pillow on the mattress, which is clad in Liberty fabric. Everything is kept in subtle but fresh colours. Eline loves to sit here in the nook.

On the shelf underneath is a small and a large suitcase in colour sand.

The striped wallpaper from Tapet Café matches the cream doors and brass handle beautifully.

On the door hangs a Liberty pouch.

Eline can spend hours being creative. Using toilet rolls, egg trays and lots more, she transforms old cardboard into animals or fairytale creatures – or a little collection of cakes and sweets as seen here, made from a box from Creativ Company.

"I love to spend time in my room being creative. I put on music, almost always Christopher, and then I can sit for hours if my brothers do not interrupt me."

–Eline, 9 years old

A little corner in Eline's room with a few great finds: The red side table is from Tapet Café, and the rattan chair, designed by R. Wengler, was a lucky find at a flea market.

Next to the rattan chair is Eline's own handmade version of the Moomin House. She has painted the house in a beautiful pink and has added many wonderful little details.

Lampshade in the window is from Studio Belle-Soeur.

Eline loves jewellery, and one of her favourite things to do is to create jewellery with her girlfriends. She keeps bracelets and necklaces stored in boxes on the red side table.

These bracelets were made using the Bracelet Box from Creativ Company that provides everything from charms to locks to yarn.

Natural light shines through all the windows in the room, which is on the 1st floor.

On the door to the left hangs a red tote bag, bought on a beach on Isla Holbox in Mexico, and is a sweet holiday memory.

Seen here: Small and large suitcases underneath the nook.

Little vintage dolls are placed all over the room. Here, one is placed on the shelf by Eline's bed next to the Hot Dog Puzzle, and the book "Strik" by Lærke Bagger – a book on knitting.