Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Copenhagen, Denmark

3-year old Elio's room is a large room kept in calm tones of green, white and grey with the occasional pops of colour.

The room itself joins the kitchen on one side, and the rest of the house on the other – making it a room where parents hang out too. There still is, however, lots of space for playing on the floor, which is, needless to say, perfect for an active 3-year old, who loves to dance and play with his cars, trucks and trains.

Elio's room is a large, calm room with lots of space for playing on the floor – perfect for a 3-year-old, who loves cars, trucks and trains. A knitted whale, a black piano, the red panda papiér-mâche mask, and a red suitcase.

My favourite thing

in my room is my crane, because... Well, it is just my favourite thing.

My favourite toys

are all my trucks that are placed under my bed. They're big and and I can load them with blocks and unload them again. I also really like my fire fighter trucks, and they come to the rescue when any of my cars need help.

I love to

dance around in my room, especially when I hear 'Tigerdans' (by Grethe Agatz).

When I have friends over

for a play date, we like to play with my trains and the train track. We also go outside and into the garden to find sticks and just run around. In the summer, we also eat berries.

At night time

I love to read that book about the blueberry king (Peter in Blueberry Land by Elsa Beskow). I also like the one about construction sites that we got from the library.

"My favourite book right now is the one about the blueberry king (Peter in Blueberry Land by Elsa Beskow). I also like the one about construction sites that we got from the library."

– Elio, 3 years old

The open shelves allow for a beautiful display of all of Elio's books and some of his toys. On top of the shelving unit sits an Akari Lamp and a Mushroom Lamp, and next to it, a large storage basket and a beautiful, wooden play house.

By the door to the living room you will find suitcases for storage, as well as a medium-sized storage basket for toys. In the window little wooden animals are balancing.

Books used as display. On top an old hippopotamus holding pencils. On the wall, a framed drawing of a tiger by Elios auntie, made when she was a child.

Crisp, white bedding paired with blue striped bedding on a baby duvet, and colourful teddies. The knitted whale is from Helle Høgsbro Krag, and on top of the striped bedding lies a brush and a sunshine yellow pacifier.

Toys on display in the window sill, and a peak out into the garden, which is where the berries grow during summer.

The practical and pretty circus storage basket next a handmade, wooden house filled with wooden animals, tiny wooden furniture – and a fire truck.