Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Copenhagen, Denmark

10-year old Ellie lives on the 2nd floor of this beautiful family home, located just north of Copenhagen.

Her room tells a tale of a an active pre-teenage girl, who enjoys having her friends over and being creative – luckily her spacious room with high ceilings and a cosy loft can accommodate that; and much more.

Shelving on the wall (similar one here) is where Ellie has all of her crochet things, some books, a few pictures and smaller belongings. Hanging from the beams is a pair of gymnastic rings, and to the right are the stairs leading up the loft space.

The best thing about my room is

my loft, the little window with the pillow in it and my shelf with all my stuff on it.

But the loft is probably my favourite thing of all. You access up by the stairs, and once up you can hang out on a mattress with lots of soft pillows. There is also a TV up there, and sometimes, me and my girlfriends go there to watch a movie.

My favourite time spent in my room is

when I need some alone time, and when I want to do creative stuff. I have everything here that I need, and then I just sit and create.

But I also enjoy time in my room when my friends are over. Then we sit on the bed and talk. Or dance. Maybe eat a pizza. Or watch a movie.

If I were to change anything in my room

it would simply be to move things around. I do that sometimes – just because I think it is fun.

My favourite hobby right now

is to dance. I go twice per week, and I enjoy this very much. I have also started to crochet, and crocheted a bag for my sister for Christmas.

My dreams for the future is

for us all to care for our planet now, so we don't have to escape to Mars.

I also dream of traveling and seeing the world. Preferably together with my girlfriends.

"The loft is my favourite thing in my room – a cosy space for me and friends to hang out."

– Ellie, 10 years old

Ellie's bed, which is from Studio X, has been placed in the corner of the room, and the Liewood rug (similar one here) helps define the space here. Oak rings hangs from the beams.

A Liberty pouch is used to store some of Ellie's yarn and crochet things. The pouch hangs on a door knob with the help from a baby hanger.

A cushion is added to the window still, and is a lovely place for Ellie to sit and crochet. The Bonbon shade is designed by Ana Kras for Hay.

Little shells in a bowl shaped like a hand next to nail polishes and a pink brush from Mason Pearson.

The yellow desk is originally from Cecilie Bahnsen's old office space, and is now the center piece of Ellie's creative corner. Also seen here: A Kevi Chair from Montana (find Kevi Kids Chairs here), and a Tolomeo Lamp from Artemide.

Next to the bed sits a Minois scented candle, which gives off a wonderful smell, even when not lit. Hand lotion is also from Minois.