Ellis' Room, 4 months old

Styling: Studio Mini
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Virum, Denmark

A modern, yet harmonious and calm room: Welcome to 4-month-old baby Ellis' most wonderful nursery.

In here, tones of white, beige and a hint of yellow set the scene, accompanied by natural, wooden furniture and toys that add warmth.

Each piece has a purpose and put together, everything creates a serene, natural and balanced room – just right for a little babygirl who is beginning to discover the world around her.

The little yellow chair is a lucky vintage find. On the door hangs a white tote bag from Bonton used to store some of Ellis' soft toys. The brown shoes are from Petit Nord, and is a great pair of pre-walker shoes. They come with a soft sole that is ideal for babies who are just learning to stand up.

The softest merino wool fleece suit from Engel is in use daily when Ellis is in the stroller or when she naps outside. Also seen here: A yellow pacifier hanging on a handmade Nachmans x Studio Mini pacifier clip and a blue baby hanger.

Ellis has the smallest room in the house, but also the room that is bathed in warm light when the sun rises in the morning.

From the window, looking into the garden, there is nothing but the sky and an old, large plum tree.

Inside, things have been kept calm and soft – important aspects for Ellis' parents, who wanted to create a safe space for their firstborn little girl.

Seen here: A little yellow suitcase is placed on top of a large sand suitcase. Storage boxes are from Liewood. A yellow Nanchen Pimpel Doll lies on the lower shelf.

"A hint of yellow creates a warm feeling - it's like the sun always shines in this room"

– Ellis' mother

Ellis' little teddies are ready for bedtime cuddles. From the ceiling hangs a beautiful mobile from Flensted Mobiles (find a similar one here), and a cute Babar Parachute poster that has been put in an oak frame and hung next to the bed.

Wooden animals are balancing on a vintage black piano from Vilac. All walls are painted with paint colour 'Pearl' from Jotun.

The changing table is from Ikea, and has a simple but spacious design. In the window sits a Bunny Lamp that creates a soft light at night – perfect for changing diapers during the night.

A couple of little books are stored on a Børge Mogensen shelf alongside a Skwish Rattle and a natural rubber Apple Toy to help soothe sore gums.