Franca's Room, 1,5 years old

Styling: Studio Mini
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

This journal is sponsored by Rice.

Rice is a vibrant and playful Danish brand renowned for its colourful and quirky designs within home decor and storage solutions for children. Rice was established in 1998, and has since then brought a touch of fun and creativity to everyday home design and organisation. Their products are designed to not only be functional but also to inspire joy and imagination in both children and adults alike.

Hellerup, Denmark

Franca's room is a unique, calm yet lively space with surprising elements everywhere.

In here, a happy and positive energy radiates primarily from the daring but beautiful choice of colours, but also from the thoughtful curation of everything, from the fun little toys to the handmade storage baskets.

Franca's room is pure joy – and a wonderful example of a room designed to and for an active, energetic 1,5 year old girl.

Franca's wooden crib is from IKEA, while the bed bumper is from Bonton. The duvet is covered with Liberty fabrics made by Liberty by Lyngholm, and in the bed is a soft and cuddly brown teddy bear.

Over the bed hangs a handmade dream catcher, a gift given to Franca from her godmother.

Walls are painted with the colour 'Cream' from File Under Pop, while the ceiling has been painted with 'Purple Fame', also from File Under Pop.

On the floor lies the 'Hat Rug' and by the old, beautiful heater sits a raffia storage basket from Rice used to store toys.

The space on top of the heater is used as a small bedside table, with books, a little Labrador teddy, and a pink mushroom lamp.

A bright and calm corner of the room, with view to the garden and lots of sun coming in.

In the window sill sits a Liberty Pouch used as a diaper bag. On the wall hangs all three papier-mâché masks, and under them is a small raffia basket filled with toys.

The changing table is placed in a cosy corner next to the shelf, in close vicinity to where Franca's clothes are kept.

On the shelf sits a knitted cactus, a xylophone, and under the changing table is a storage box from Aykasa.

The changing table is from Troll Lux, and has been spraypainted in a mint green colour to match the room. Above hangs an elephant mobile from Gamcha.

On the changing cushion sits a soft doll in mint green and a blue chilrens's hair brush from Mason Pearson.

On the pinboard hangs pictures of family and friends, a beaded bracelet, a purple heart and other small treasures.

In front, on the shelf, is a picnic basket and 24 markers mixed in with a bright red box and a circus in a box that plays.

The wonderful and handmade papier-mâché masks hang on the wall between the two windows. From top to bottom: The Fox, the Bear and the Red Panda.

Franca's clothes are stored in bamboo baskets, leaving the top shelf free to display some of her favourite things, including wooden toys, a xylophone – and a pacifier for night time.

"I wanted to create a space where imagination can thrive and Franca's playful mind can unfold"

– Franca's mother, Rozanna

A pinboard covered in Liberty fabric is used for pictures of family and friends.

On the top shelf are placed 24 markers in a wooden box, the knitted cactus, and a picnic basket. By the wall on the floor is a raffia storage basket from Rice.

By placing all the toys together, a sense of calm is created amidst the many colours, various textiles and different materials.

A peek inside the shelf, where a wonderful book collection is placed – including the Little Prince pop-up version – alongside Franca's first pair of shoes, 24 markers, a picnic basket, and a blue pull along elephant.

The wooden floors add a natural, calm feeling to the room. Seen here: Lovely red sandals, a drum and a snippet of the 'Hat Rug'.

Beautiful original details in the window spread rays of colours in the hallway and into Franca's room.

A tote bag from Bonton hangs on the door, and on the floor is a raffia storage basket from Rice and a classic drum.