Georgie's Room, 1 year old

Styling: Studio Mini
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Copenhagen, Denmark

1-year old Georgie's nursery is a wonderful, warm and welcoming space centered around her handmade crib and custom-built cabinets, that allow for display and storage of her toys, wooden figures, books and clothes.

We've asked Georgie's mom to answer a few questions about Georgie's room, her favourite toys and their night time ritual.

The nursery is kept in tones of dusty rose, white and cream that blend together seamlessly.

Seen here: The Caravan Crib in raw ash, a Charlie Chair, a Moomin Mobile a drum, and cardigan and dress from Caramel.

When I am in my room, I like to

put my little doll in her doll pram, and walk around with her.

My favourite teddy is

the teddy that I sleep with. It is called 'Søs' (means sister in Danish) because my sister gave it to me when I turned 1.

My night time ritual

starts with a bath followed by a body massage where my mom uses a body oil. After that, I play with my older sister while my mom and dad prepare my bed and my night time bottle.

My favourite books right now

are the "Seasons" books by Gerda Muller. I like these books because they are beautifully illustrated with so many things to look and point at.

My older sister makes me laugh

all the time, because she is the best sister in the world.

"We and Georgie love to read the "Seasons" books by Gerda Muller – they are so beautifully illustrated and there are so many things to look and point at."

– Amalie, mom to Georgie

The open shelves allow for a beautiful display of all of Georgie's things, including a drum, a medium-sized Mushroom Lamp, a pair of shoes and lots of books.

Georgie sleeps in a Caravan Crib made from solid ash, which is a wood type that ages beautifully over time. Above the crib hangs a Moomin Mobile, and next to the crib is a Charlie Chair in vanilla. Georgie's name in wood is from Skovalfen.

Little wooden animals and a colourful rainbow from Ostheimer are placed in the window sill, just by the Caravan Crib.

A wonderful contrast of colours with the dusty rose cabinets and the lime green tones of the Gadwell Cardigan and Jupiter Dress, both from Caramel.

The Moomin Mobile: Colourful, delightful and with lots of details to look at. On the wall behind the mobile hangs a textile work by Helle Høgsbro Krag.

A Bonton tote is ready to be used for trips and outings. On the floor: Georgie's doll – one of her favourite toys – and an older, curved wooden doll bed.