Label to Love – Ikonic Toys

We recently came across Dutch brand Ikonic Toys, and we were instantly drawn to their minimalistic, beautiful and durable model cars. Designed by Floris Hovers, they’re beautiful toy cars and they are made to last generations.

Ikonic Toys

Inspired by the past. Made to last

These car toys are as much fun to parents as they are to kids.

Floris Hovers, the Dutch designer of the cars, really knows how to pair colours and shape objects so that they look and feel just right. Floris is also known for his basic and simple approach to techniques and materials, which is clear when looking at the cars: They’re built with only a few, simple elements and the result is a minimalistic shape and limited – but well-chosen – colours.

We adore them for their creative play and their beauty. They’d look great on any shelf as a colourful decor object. They’re also a great present, if you’re looking to buy something for a little someone’s birthday, Christening, Christmas or as a Baby Shower present. And they’re collectible, too. With a total of 6 different cars, there’s a car for the first six years/first six teeth – or whatever you may come up with. A full set is also available for those who want to spoil a little friend.

Crafted from FSC beech wood and painted in gorgeous, bold and bright tones, they fit in beautifully in most modern homes. We can’t take our eyes off of them – and will make sure to keep looking out for more stuff coming from Ikonic Toys and Floris Hovers.




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