Label to Love – Kenkô Skincare

The newly-founded Dutch skincare brand we all ought to know. Created by mothers, with mothers and for mothers – and babies!

Please tell us more about the name “Kenkô”. What does it mean or stand for?

Kenkô is derived from the Japanese word for ‘health’. The Japanese culture, way of life, and approach to nature is a source of constant inspiration”.

What is the reason that you decided to create skincare? Your focus is on mothers and their children, why did you specifically choose this audience?  

When I was pregnant and after I had my son, I realized that life is not temporary; it’s all about the legacy we leave behind for the next generation. I wanted to develop a skincare line for mothers and babies that enhances the emotional bond between mother and child. This lays the foundation for a Kenkô lifestyle, which prioritizes sustainable choices.

The idea for a skincare brand arose during my pregnancy. A period that further fuelled my mindset about sustainable and honest products. I felt compelled to develop a skincare brand that cherishes the valuable moments surrounding the birth of a child”. 

Picture by Iris Dorine


Could you tell us a little about your choices for the ingredients?

We selected our ingredients based on their specific properties for babies, mothers, and mothers-to-be and added them in active concentrations for the best possible effect. These ingredients nourish and soothe the skin during pregnancy and the postpartum period and are gentle enough to care for the sensitive skin of newborns.

Our current – and first – skincare products include a hydrating oil designed to nourish mum’s growing belly and care for the delicate skin of a newborn. It includes ingredients such apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil, which are known for their healing properties. We have also produced a relaxing bath oil for mother and baby, and a nourishing cream cleansing gel with oatmeal.

The fragrance notes were selected for the emotions, associations, and moods they evoke, as well as their effect on the body and mind. For example, vanilla was chosen for the feeling of security, warmth, and cosiness it evokes. Sandalwood was chosen for its warm, enveloping scent, its relaxing and nourishing properties, and its important role in spiritual traditions. Both perfumed oils are warm, soft, and relaxing. For mothers, the fragrance helps to both relax and energize”.

Picture by Iris Dorine

“We used two closely related scents with a distinct olfactory connection. We used one scent in our baby products and another in our products for moms and moms-to-be. When used together, both fragrances tell a fragranced story about the intimate and tender connection between mother and child; about the gentleness, the warmth, and the joy that the arrival of a new baby brings and the special rituals and routines a mother develops with her child. The fragrances are subtle and harmonious and designed to support the tender bond between mother and child.

The fragrances did not derive from traditional perfumes, but from a carefully curated selection of essential oils and natural ingredients. The perfumed oil for mothers is of the highest quality and is handmade in the Netherlands from the very best natural oils (some of which are organic). The perfumed oil for babies is hypoallergenic and safe to use.

Incorporating a fragrance was a deliberate choice, as we feel it contributes to the overall experience. However, we always avoid the use of allergenic fragrances in our baby products. Our products also contain very low doses to prevent skin reactions”.


The Kenkô Skincare packaging, which is made from agricultural waste.


The products look gorgeous! How did you go about designing the packaging? And was durability a factor you took into consideration?

Yes! Definitely. The products are all made with love in the Netherlands. The packaging was one of the biggest challenges during the design process. Luckily we found these boxes that are made from agricultural waste. Harvest leftovers from leaves and stems are processed into raw material for paper and cardboard. They match so well with our natural colours, so I’m so happy we spent a lot of time researching the packaging industry. Our bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic, because I think glass is too tricky with babies”.

What is your dream with Kenkô?

We launched just one month ago and I couldn’t be happier with the feedback so far from customers and retailers I love in Europe. My dream is that all new mothers in Europe will get to know us. We have a lot of ideas and plans for new products, but I want to take the same steps for any new products. We involved a lot of mothers in the developing phase for this first collection and we will do the same for any new products. Kenkô is created by mothers, with mothers and for mothers – and babies”.


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