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Danish poster producer Paper Collective and graphic design studio All The Way To Paris have joined forces and launched a new brand for kids. They’ve called it MADO, and they’re well on their way to redefine paper goods for kids. Their first and current collection includes posters, postcards, cards, a memory game – and more. Available from today at STUDIO MINI.

With more goods on the way, we’ve asked Lill from Paper Collective to take a moment and share the idea behind MADO.


The Danish collaboration that’s taking paper goods for kids to new heights

Lill, could you please introduce all of you?

We’re Lill & Morten from Paper Collective and Tanja & Petra from All The Way To Paris. We’ve been working together for several years. We took our cooperation a step further last year as we founded MADO. MADO is a graphic universe, with an edit of primarily paper goods that are produced with love and respect for kids.

What does MADO mean?

MADO means ‘window’ in Japanese. We chose this name because we want MADO’s products to represent a window to the big world outside – a window of inspiration and adventure.


How did the collaboration come about?

We’ve been working together for quite a few years, and have always had a great partnership. Once we [Paper Collective] had the basics down for this project, we went on to introduce it to All The Way To Paris. Thankfully, they loved the idea as much as we did, and MADO was launched in August 2018.


Who are your products designed for?

Our products are designed for kids and design-conscious adults. We pay great attention to aesthetics, and we want our posters and products to fit in beautifully in the kid’s room as much as anywhere else in the home.

Where do you find inspiration? Is there something special that inspires you – if yes, then what?

We always find inspiration in our surroundings. It may be a piece of art, architecture, a conversation or thoughts that come while traveling that spark something. It’s difficult to say exactly what it is, but we’re always looking for new ideas, expressions, feelings, etc. that we want to explore. I also think our international team is a great source of inspiration – we have different cultural backgrounds and all bring our own, different perspectives into the mix. To us, inspiration is mostly about being open to the world around us.

Any other news from you that you can share with us?

We are currently working on new MADO products that will be launched in January 2019. At that time, we’ll also be able to announce a new, exciting collaboration – we can’t wait to share more with you.



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