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Please tell us a little about Heico, how did this brand come about? 

Egmont has been selling Heico lamps since 1994. We meet the original founders twice a year to make new models and to discuss about the colours (and the business, of course).

The founders were about 70 years old and one day they told us that they wanted to sell the company and Egmont bought it in 2016. We needed more space and so we moved to a bigger warehouse. A new adventure began! 

How would you describe your visual style? 

When I have an idea, I have to make it!

My visual style is vintage because my inspiration comes from my own childhood. I am 53 years old today so the style represents my childhood but I also get inspired by the children around me. 

Take us through your design process? 

To create a nightlight, I dream about it first. I imagine the position of the figurine. Is it a bear? A dog? A robot?...Then, I buy 10 kg of clay and I start off by shaping it with my hands. First with the palms, then with the fingers. I work on the details with more precision. I use wooden sticks and Q-tips (not very professional but I like to work like this: improvisation!).

Sometimes, after 2 hours, the figurine appears like I wanted. Sometimes, it takes more time, think 5/6 hours. 

The day after, Egmont and I go to Germany. There, Martina makes a mould and a wax sculpture with my clay. The wax sculpture has to stay in an ultrasonic bath for 10 days to produce the iron mould. 

Where do you find inspiration for new colours and pieces?

I love colour! I produce from feeling and the final result should feel like a child in front of an ice-cream shop!

Egmont is very respectful about my ideas. There is a very understanding collaboration between us. I have never time enough to realize all my ideas and am grateful to have help. 

What is your dream for Heico? 

I hope that our nightlights will keep children (and adults) dreaming for a long time!


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