My Favourite Five with Josefine Ekstrand

Josefine, owner of the Danish kids design brand Leo Leo Copenhagen shares the best things about motherhood, her ideal day – and her favourite five STUDIO MINI products

Josefine, can you give us a short introduction to yourself and your family?

“My name is Josefine Ekstrand, I am 35 years old and live in Portugal with my husband Emil and our two children, Leopold (4) and Hilma (2). We sold everything we owned in Copenhagen, bought a veteran bus, drove through Europe and are now living in the south”. 


What does your ideal day look like?

”My ideal day is when the sun shines bright and the kids can be outside all day. In the meantime, I can work in the home office and later meet in the garden for lunch. Then we just do whatever we feel like, going somewhere for a walk or staying in”.


What is the best thing about motherhood, in your eyes?

”My husband Emil and I have decided to be full time together with our kids. To do that, we have changed our everyday life by moving from Denmark to Portugal. In that process, I’ve discovered motherhood as being equal parts enriching, hard, fun and uplifting. I love being a mother very much and to experience the development I see – not only in my children – but also in myself, is a gift”. 


Where do you find most of your inspiration? 

”I absolutely love going to flea markets and I am seen publicly jumping of joy if I find a well-kept antique toy. I enjoy reading about inspirational women and I also have changing "muses" I follow on Instagram. Lastly, and a bit sugary, but talking to my husband is always very inspiring to me”.


What are your five favourite STUDIO MINI products?

”It’s almost impossible to only pick five products, as I’m hopelessly in love with so many things! 

The Rafa-Kids B Table is on the wishlist, as our son loves to sit for himself and create. The best details are the drawers underneath to hide his personal belongings and to keep secrets from little sister – something he has begun to appreciate .  

My husband and I have build an entire home in plywood and we absolutely love the clean and simple expression the material creates. The beds from Oeuf NYC also have that clean design and especially the Perch Toddler Bed would be our dream. When the kids grow out of it I would use it as a little sofa in the living room.

I’m a designer, but toymaker at heart and it’s almost impossible not to put all knitwear from Oeuf on the list! I’m not sure if the kids really get it, but the knitted water bottle pillow has long been on the wish list.

After a couple of kids later and trying to get the hair back “in shape” after losing a lot.. I’m convinced that my hairbrush has helped me along the way! Now I have two long-haired children and to them I want to give each their own brush from Mason Pearson. It’s the best!

Lastly, the Heico Bunny Lamp! We’ve had it with us all the way from Denmark, through Europe in our bus and now has its placed in our house. It’s the most friendly lamp and our daughter Hilma is cuddling it, as if it were a real pet”.


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Thank you, Josefine!

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