Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Copenhagen, Denmark

6-year old Olga loves unicorns, her teddy bears, Sylvanian Families and her two little toy birds, that talk.

She also loves the colour blue, and is not afraid to put her own touch to her room by adding stickers to furniture, and by creating little pieces of art that is placed all around.

The shelves have been painted in the same colour as the room, which creates a sense of calm. Books, toys, little suitcases and a Mushroom Night Light have a place here. Rugs add a soft touch to the room.

The best thing about my room is

all my teddy bears, I think. And the little birds on the shelf. They talk!

What I dislike most about my room

is my popcorn machine. I mean, I love popcorn, but this machine only makes one popcorn at a a time, which isn't that great.

I love to play with

my Sylvanian Family figures.

My favourite colour is

blue. Because I have so many beautiful blue things. And my mom loves blue as well.

High on my wishlist right now is

a toy fairy that can fly. I once had one, but it broke, and now I can't find it. Maybe my mom knows where it is?

"I'm really good with babies and little kids, so I think I want to be a babysitter when I grow up. But I'm not entirely sure yet"

– Olga, 6 years old

Olga's bed is a vintage find, and on it lies two handmade Knitted Whales from Creme de la Creme ala Edgar.

In the window: An old garland from Helle Høgsbro Krag (see the Flag Garland to create a similar look), Olga's popcorn machine, and a cute, little lamp. On the desk sits a unicorn made by Olga.

Olga has added her own touch to the red drawer by decorating it with stickers. On top of the drawer is a knitted Cactus by Creme de la Crema ala Edgar, a treasure box, one more unicorn and a Liberty pouch.

On the wall hangs a textile art piece from Helle Høgsbro Krag; below an open rattan basket with all of Olga's favourite teddybears. A Raffia Basket is placed underneath the shelves.

A handmade wall-storage piece, made by Olga's mom from Liberty fabrics, adds a soft touch to the room. Here, Olga keeps a Hanger, smaller teddies and toys, and a Mason Pearson brush.

Some of Olga's favourite toys, including Sylvanian Families, have a place on these shelves. The red Mushroom Lamp sits on the lower shelf, and is in use every evening at bed time.