Ruth's Room, 2 years old

Styling: Studio Mini
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

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Frederiksberg, Denmark

This whimsical room belongs to Ruth who, at almost 2 years old, loves to play, draw and read books.

In here, there is a wonderful artsy feeling – from the painting on the door to the embroidered fabric hanging on the wall and the handmade mobile that is placed over Ruth's crib.

Explore this colourful, warm and fairytale space where play and creativity is key.

Hand painted details on the door is a work in progress by Ruth's mom Freja. Also seen here: A Pockets Skirt on the door, ready for summer alongside the Surfer Sandals on the floor. The Alvar Aalto chair is found vintage, and the embroidered name piece on the wall is a gift to Ruth from friends, produced by embroidery artist Mine Birchkin.

The handmade Cherry Birds Mobile from Flensted Mobiles is placed over Ruth's crib, and is a beautiful addition to the room with its wooden, red cherries and the blue bird made from folded paper.

A vintage Kartell piece is used for storage as well as a bed side table, holding an orange-coloured Mini Panthella Lamp and some favourite books for night time. Next to it, on the floor, is a Red Mini Piano.

A tote bag is used for storage on the floor (find a similar one here), while some of Ruth's favourite clothes and a backpack hangs on the shelf.

A look from the window towards the shelving, where most of Ruth's toys and plenty of books are stored. The canopy is from Minor Things.

Ruth's toys, puzzles, stuffed animals and plenty of books are stored on the shelving behind the canopy. Also seen here: A Celebration Ring with little decorative figures.

"I love Ruth's room. There is a wonderful, cosy and almost fairytale-like atmosphere in here."

– Ruth's mom, Freja

The entire back wall is covered with wonderful wallpaper from Belarte Studio, which adds warmth and depth to the room.

The furniture and decor is a mix of old and new. The bed is a vintage Juno bed, and the Kartell storage piece is also vintage. The chair is new and from Danish designer Kasper Thorup, and so is the canopy, which is from Minor Things. In here, Ruth loves to play hide and seek.

Seen here: The Cherry Birds Mobile from Flensted Mobiles, a Red Mini Piano, a Trike Bike and a cute Tomato Patch Raffia Bag hangs on the bed.

Gifts made with love: Ruth's name embroidered on fabric by artist Mine Burchkin. Above the fabric hangs a red whale, also made by hand and given to Ruth on her first birthday.

A doll sits in Ruth's bed, ready to sleep in her own little cosy rattan basket. Bedding is from Teira 1996, and a similar doll may be found here.

The little table invites to creativity with a practical paper roll from IKEA, and crayons from Skovalfen.

Ruth's crib is placed in the corner, which is made cosy and dreamlike with the use of wallpaper and the Cherry Birds Mobile. On the wall hangs a little Babar poster (find a similar one here) that has been framed.