Staying in? Our winter break tips for kids

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After a fresh start of the new year, we are slowly moving towards the lighter days of Spring. The promise of birds singing early in the morning and the trees turning green makes us feel all warm inside, just like one of those mornings where you step outside without needing a jacket.

But first, the Winter holiday has arrived, and here are our recommendations for the Copenhagen and Aarhus area.

As well as offering many parks, playgrounds and museums, Copenhagen also offers these wonderful activities:

The Blue Planet/Den Blå Planet

This huge aquarium offers the most extensive selection of fish and sea creatures. Now you have a chance to go behind the scenes, down into the basement and around the aquarium’s best-kept secrets. A well-trained guide will guide you through the labyrinthine water world and introduce you to all the animals that due to research or lack of space enjoy a secluded life in the aquarium’s hidden halls. Fantastic for ages 4 and up! 

Find more information here

CultureFestival Vinterpaladset

This free festival is back again on Blågårds Plads for children aged 3 and up (there is a class called ‘Rythmics’ that is also suitable for age 2) with many workshops, entertainment and music. There is no need to buy a ticket, just turn up and let the circus begin!

More information to be found here.

Papageno og Papagena’ at Det Kongelige Teater

This wonderful opera event is meant for children aged between 4-10 years old and. Through playful music and theater, your child will be introduced to two large blue birds with very loud voices! 

No need to book, but it is advisable to come on time.

More info here.

In the Aarhus Area


Get your skates on and skate to the beat of the music under flashing lights in Aarhus Skatering! Show your kids that you still have the moves, even though Roller Disco seems so long ago;)!

Find more information here.

Childhood exhibiton at KvindeMuseet

There is a wonderful permanent exhibiton on at the Women’s museum in Aarhus where children have told their family story through drawings. Many of the schools in Aarhus have participated so maybe you will see a familiar face there, too! There is also a treasure hunt and a play area too!

Read more here.

’Shane’s Verden’ at Naturhistorisk Museum

Come along and explore the magical world created by Shane Brox, a well-known television presenter from Ramasjang. All the materials he uses are recycled and it is a true feast for the eye to see! Help Shane build a Milky Way for Else the Mouse or go on a treasure hunt in the museum itself!

Find more information here.

Have a lovely time!

"Shane's Verde... 'Papageno og... CultureFestival...

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