Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer: Laura Short

Josefine Vibe, Danish model and mother of Rose (3) and Villy (1), on her love for books, the excitement of finding edible mushrooms in the forest – and how their home is a place for both adults and kids.

Josefine in their living room, sitting in a chair by Muller van Severen surrounded by books and a large Akari Lamp.

The best thing about life with kids in the city is

that we are able to give our children so many different experiences that are easily within reach by either foot or by bike.

For example, I love to bring the kids to Statens Museum for Kunst or to one of the many great playgrounds that are in the city, more or less right outside our front door.

Our home is a home

for adults and for kids. We've done our best to make room for everyone here, which means that you'll find toys in the living room next to our beloved lamps, furniture and books. We have a lot of beautiful storage options that are great when we need to clean things up and create a calm space in order to relax a bit.

Our house has several floors, and we move up and down depending on the time of day. Each floor has to work for everyone, so you'll find kids stuff mixed in with all of mine and my husband Mikkel's belongings everywhere in the house.

On the weekends, we enjoy

taking the kids to the forest. Here, we search for edible mushrooms and berries, which both kids find very exciting.

We also enjoy spending time at home being creative by drawing or painting; sometimes we make jewelry or play with beads.

Time outside in the garden is also something that we all enjoy. The kids are great little helpers out there.

Books are found all over Josefine's home. Here a stack of her newest purchases.

In our fridge you'll always find

whole milk and fresh cheese from Søtoftes Mejeri, great anchovies, amazing miso from Mimi Ferments, smoked chili oil from White Mausu and vegetables from Birkemosegaard.

I love to cook, especially with the weekly box of vegetables that we have delivered from Birkemosegaard. It often happens that we receive vegetables that I probably would not have purchased myself, and so having this delivery come every week pushes me to try new things, which I really enjoy.

Rose, who is 4, has started to become interested in cooking, and it is wonderful to see her explore new flavours and foods, especially if she has helped prepare them.

I am currently very inspired by

a couple of books that I have bought at the Copenhagen bookstore Tranquebar. Recently, Tranquebar made a curated list of titles to read that all touch upon how to find a sense of calm in a world of chaos – in the world around us, as well as in ourselves.

From fiction to philosophical views from Seneca, all of these books inspire me and I love to read learn new things. In fact, I feel most at ease and in balance with myself when I have a daily session devoted to a good book.

"A cup of coffee early in the morning with Mikkel is a little moment of happiness for me."

— Josefine Vibe

The story of The Little Prince sits on the Boheme Shelf, alongside figures, toys and books.

Rose playing in the living room. In the background, a little black piano.