Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Copenhagen, Denmark

5-year old Bobbie's room is full of toys for active fun, wonderful little details, lots of soft textiles – and excellent vintage finds such as a beautiful Alvar Aalto table and chair set. All combined make this a playful and magical room.

The Caravan Crib is turned into a junior bed by adding this Caravan Conversion Kit. The bed also works as a day bed, and is used for play and cosy time. A vintage Alvar Aalto table and chair set is placed by the window, with colourful suitcases used for storage. On the pin board hangs the Flag Garland. On the floor lies a polar bear rug from Helle Høgsbro Krag, and a balance board from Stabelstein.

When I am in my room, I like to

ehm... play on my rocking horse or play with my seal Sofia. I also like to pretend that my polar bear rug is a large mountain with ice on top of it.

My favourite game is

"Guess the animal" because it is really, really, really, really fun.

Before night time

I take a breath like this: "Smelling the flowers - and then blowing out the candle". I turn on my night light, jump under the duvet and fall asleep.

My favourite toy right now

is my cash register, because it makes fun sounds and has a lot of buttons. I got it for my birthday just now, when I turned 5.

On my wishlist for Christmas

is a puzzle with 5 cats. That is my biggest wish right now.

"I love to pretend that my polar bear rug is a large mountain with ice on top of it."

– Bobbie, 5 years old

A small collection of treasures: Little pictures and drawings, a basket with body oils, hair pins and a pink brush, a Mushroom Lamp, a Birthday Flag and a toilet bag.

A large basket stores all Bobbie's soft toys, while a climbing tower and balance board allow for active fun inside. A large rug adds softness and warmth to the room.

The tipi is a fun place to hide and play (find a similar play tent here). The vintage Togo Couch with its rounded edges and low height is perfect for the play room.

Little suitcases on the vintage Alvar Aalto table are used for paper, markers, scissors etc. On top of the yellow suitcase sits a small spinning top and two little matchbox notebooks. Bobbie's name in wood is from Skovalfen.

Wooden animals and a little wooden shed are placed in the window still, making a wonderful match with the mermaid and rainbow-coloured tree from Magic Wood.

The Mini Library holds toys, books and little suitcases plus Bobbie's favourite pair of boots. On top of it is a pink Mushroom Lamp, a Knitted Cactus and more wooden toys.