Sonja's Room, 1 year old

Styling: Studio Mini
Photographer: Katrine Rohrberg

Copenhagen, Denmark

1-year-old Sonja's room tells a story of high quality craftsmanship and her parents' profound love of shapes, colours and functionality.

With a calm sage green base, wooden, warm furniture and great built-in storage solutions, this is space where messy and chaotic play is allowed, for then to be cleaned up once the day is done. 

Explore this wonderful nursery, where exceptional and mostly handmade pieces take centerstage.

Sonja's crib is an oiled version of the Caravan Crib designed by the American brand Kalon Studios. All their pieces are crafted mostly by hand.

The chair is Peter's Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner. Sonja's large collection of spinning tops are displayed on the shelf above the chair.

By the bed hangs a green Flowerpot wall lamp and wonderful posters found at a flea market that have been framed.

All walls are painted in a lovely, light sage green colour with colour code 4502 from Flügger. Shelves are from Danish brand SVEND, designed by Anne Birkkjær.

A large Mushroom Lamp sits on top of a pile of books on a Kartell storage piece.

The original room has been divided in two by adding a custom built wall with shelvings and glass windows to keep the light flowing through. This allowed for Sonja to have her own room, and for her mother to have an office. The curtain is used at night time, so Sonja can sleep uninterrupted.

Seen here: A lovely collection of Schleich animals, 24 markers, a xylophone and a large Mushroom Lamp.

Sonja's love for Schleich animals began as a family member had a large collection from his childhood that Sonja became very fascinated with. Since then, Sonja has been gifted a new animal every so often, and the excitement is just as big every time. A favourite thing for Sonja to do right now is to take all animals down from the shelves and then put them back up.

On top sits 24 markers as well as a Birthday Ring plus decorative figures from Grimm's.

The cabinet was a lucky find on, and is used to store Sonja's clothes. The large blue drawers are homemade, and hold all kinds of toys. Plus, the modules also work as a bench.

On the wall hangs the handmade papier-mâché Bear and Red Panda Mask. Below, suitcases are used for storage.

Sonja's mom is very creative and also very talented. She made this beautiful ABC embroidered piece of art while pregnant with Sonja. Next to it hangs a Red Panda papier-mâché mask.

Below, personal pictures and little drawings are hung on a magnetic board.

While this is a room with space to play and make a mess, storage is still key. These blue giant drawers are selfmade, and work as storage as well as a cosy place to sit.

On the wall: Sonja's mom's own ABC embroidery as well as the Bear and the Red Panda.

Below; suitcases that are used to store little toys, a picnic basket and a book from Phaidon that folds like a tree.

Details from Sonja's crib that are kept in calm colours with a pop of bright green.

The small drawings were found on a flea market; the large poster is a Japanese lithography.

"We wanted this room to be a safe space for creative and maybe messy play – but with great storage solutions in order to easily clean up everything afterwards."

– Sonja's mother, Maria

The vintage cabinet came in just the right size and with just the right amount of patina.

On top of the cabinet sits more books, a Marble Tree from Magic Wood Toys, and a purple lava lamp from Sonja's dad's teenage room. The papier-mâché Bear hangs on the wall.

The Celebration Ring filled with lovely decorative figures is on display all year around; and not just for special occasions.

Below, one more peek at some of the many Schleich animals from Sonja's impressive collection.

The Kartell storage piece is used for storage as well as a place for books and a calm and soothing night light.

The iconic 'Peter's Chair' was originally designed in 1944 by Hans J. Wegner, and is still as popular today as it was then.

The oiled Caravan Crib is a modern yet classic piece that easily converts from a crib and into a toddler bed.

Once Sonja is ready, the sides are simply removed, and a new backrest is added – or the bed may be used as a simple daybed-like toddler bed.

On the wall; older drawings and a poster plus the Flowerpot Wall Lamp originally designed by Verner Panton in 1968.

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